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Yi Chuang cloud customer service makes new Oriental teaching more awesome

- the customer service cloud, which is committed to channel integration and reducing enterprise labor costs, can not only help e-commerce and other industries solve problems such as multi-channel after-sales feedback sources, low customer service response rate and poor user experience, but also help education and training enterprises to establish a more perfect internal communication and efficient information flow mechanism, so as to make the educational administration work orderly

successful enterprises have their own similarities and difficulties. For education and training enterprises, how to scientifically and professionally arrange school courses is a complex task, and it is also a world-class problem for teachers who prepare courses. How can we make the curriculum meet the reasonable requirements of teachers and students

Shenzhen New Oriental Training School chose "Yat Chuang cloud customer service" as a good medicine for enterprises to save the chaotic course scheduling problem

aiming at the current problems of Shenzhen New Oriental training school, Yichuang cloud customer service has provided a complete set of personalized solutions

1. The course scheduling teacher intelligently enters the group, and the work order triggers to remind the class.

for education and training schools, the problem of students' class scheduling is a big project. The problem with Shenzhen New Oriental training school is that after the schedule is submitted to the course scheduling teacher through the paper schedule, it cannot be circulated and archived for viewing after the schedule

in view of this problem, Yichuang cloud customer service adds the course scheduling teachers of different classes to the relevant customer service group, and then sets the class type through the work order custom field. When the user submits the work order, he directly selects the class type, and then through the trigger settings such as color, texture, roughness and feel, the course scheduling application can automatically schedule the course scheduling teachers of the relevant group

2. Online triggering can remind you at any time. High efficiency has an impact on heavy load. Urination is quick and you are not afraid to forget.

for education and training schools, during each peak period of course scheduling, many classes are easy to mess up, resulting in poor communication

using the Yichuang cloud customer service system, the course scheduling teacher no longer has to classify the course scheduling application first, and then give it to the relevant person in charge to schedule the course. If it is necessary to arrange classes in coordination, it will be directly transferred to the relevant customer service for processing. After processing the application, the processing results will be directly fed back to the submitter through the trigger, without calling or communicating again. Efficient and convenient, no longer afraid of being busy and forgetting to notify

3. Students' questions are transferred online. The problem of Shenzhen New Oriental training school is that teachers are overwhelmed by a large number of questions about students' learning

in response to the questions often asked by students, yattrong cloud customer service has also been compiled into documents and put into the knowledge base in different areas. Students can solve problems by themselves by searching the help center in today's rapid economic development in the western region. The extensometer made by using this structure can measure 10 minute small deformation pressure with high precision, fast and efficient

at the same time, Yichuang cloud customer service integrates omni-channel information into the work order system. Through the mobile browser and PC, students can view documents anytime and anywhere to solve problems. If they can't solve problems, they can immediately solve them by initiating conversations. If they can't solve problems, they can directly create work orders and transfer them to relevant teachers

Yichuang cloud customer service integrates the information of teachers and students into a work order system. It can not only help teachers arrange classes efficiently and guide students to learn happily, but also help teachers and students establish good interaction and improve teaching experience and quality. It can be called the little steward of the school

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