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Yifan machinery: construction waste recycling is imminent

Yifan machinery: construction waste recycling is imminent

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in recent years, with the acceleration of the new urbanization process, new construction, reconstruction, expansion and demolition have produced a large amount of construction waste. Most of these construction wastes are untreated and difficult to degrade. On the one hand, they occupy a lot of land and destroy the ecological environment, resulting in a serious waste of resources; On the other hand, if this kind of random stacking of construction waste is not stopped in time, it will make these garbage piles larger and higher. In addition, these garbage piles are loosely stacked, which is very easy to cause the landslide of construction garbage piles and bring huge potential safety hazards to the surrounding residents and the regional ecological environment

At 11:00 a.m. on the 20th, a landslide occurred in Shenzhen hengtaiyu park. In this disaster, which is not so much a natural disaster as a man-made disaster, we have seen the potential safety hazards of random stacking of construction waste and waste residue

as of yesterday, 91 people had lost contact. After preliminary verification, 33 buildings were buried or damaged to varying degrees. It is preliminarily found that the collapse body in Guangming New Area of Shenzhen is artificial soil, and the original mountain has not slipped. The site of artificial soil stacking and collapse belongs to the sludge and muck receiving site, which is mainly used for stacking muck and construction waste. Due to the large amount of stacking and the steep stacking slope, it leads to instability and collapse, resulting in the collapse of many buildings

once the cause of the accident was disclosed, it attracted countless regrets. It is understood that the landslide in Shenzhen is almost not full of natural disasters. Whether it was originally quarrying in the mountains, or it was abandoned and turned into a waste soil receiving site, the plastic tensile testing machine tensile testing mountain where the disaster occurred was completely out of supervision, and in a completely disordered state, it uncontrolled accepted the waste soil from the city until it exceeded the bearing limit of the mountain and collapsed

such a "man-made disaster" is thought-provoking. It is the dumping of construction waste by people at will that finally caused such a huge disaster. At present, the construction waste gb/t 3098.3 (2) 000 fastener mechanical properties set screw has not only been a development problem in a certain region, but has already risen to a national problem. How should we deal with such a problem

first of all, people should have a new understanding of construction waste. In fact, construction waste itself is not a problem, it is just misplaced. It is by no means a waste in the real sense, but an effective resource and "urban mineral". If the construction waste is used as a resource, it will become a "green energy", which can bring significant economic and environmental benefits to the society

the resource utilization of construction waste is not empty talk. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has started the research on the resource treatment of construction waste as early as more than ten years ago. With the efforts of the R & D team, Yifan machinery successfully launched fixed and mobile construction waste treatment equipment, of which the mobile type is also divided into tire type and crawler type. These different types can realize the treatment of construction waste on various occasions and under various conditions. The finished products treated by the construction waste treatment equipment can be processed into standard bricks, recycled aggregates or used for the backfilling of sponge cities, which can save costs and solve urban pollution

it is estimated that if China produces 3.5 billion tons of construction waste every year, it will become recycled aggregate after being processed by Yifan mechanical construction waste treatment equipment, which can save 3 billion tons of natural sand and stone, and 800000 mu of land for materials and landfilling; It can produce about 1 trillion standard bricks of dandelion natural rubber floor in Jilin, Cangzhou, Chongqing, etc

we have heard too much about the story of making up for the lost sheep. Now, our city has been harmed by construction waste. We can't let the landslide in Shenzhen happen again. It is urgent to make use of construction waste as a resource

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