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Medium term futures: the LLDPE market closed slightly higher, and it is still difficult to get rid of the shock tone

on Monday, the LLDPE market closed slightly higher, the rise of the upstream crude oil market boosted the domestic trend, the market position increased, and the transaction torque output ratio was slightly active according to the electromechanical output multiplied by the deceleration ratio. However, the spot market has not changed significantly, and downstream enterprises have experienced negative growth for the first time in nearly five years. The lack of high price bearing capacity continues to limit the upward space of the futures market. Supported by the rising crude oil market, the LLDPE market maintained a volatile upward trend. However, due to the lack of cooperation with the spot market, the upward trend of the futures market will still be difficult to get rid of the volatile tone. L0809 contract closed at 14620, up 190 points, with 3126 trading volumes, 3980 positions and 198 positions

last Friday, the international crude oil market closed higher, and the weakening dollar boosted the trend of crude oil. At the same time, the strike of French fishermen affected transportation, and HCs cooperated with SHD composite materials Co., Ltd. to provide benefits to the market. NYMEX July crude oil futures rose $1.38 to $132.19, while icejuly crude oil futures rose $1.06 to $131.57. At present, the crude oil market continues to maintain an upward trend, and the lack of substantive negative factors has pressured the market to reverse the upward trend

the domestic spot market is stable, and traders are in a heavy wait-and-see mood. The mainstream price of LLDPE in North China is yuan/ton, the price of 7042 in East China is 14350 yuan/ton, and the price of 7042 in South China is yuan/ton

technically, the l0809 contract broke through the average suppression and is expected to continue to rise

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