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Medium frequency induction evaporation winding coating machine

in the winding vacuum coating equipment, the traditional process of coating evaporation generally adopts the resistance evaporation boat heating method. This traditional heating method has some defects, such as small evaporation area, uneven evaporation, single type of evaporation materials, splashing in the heating process. We have also adopted some methods, such as increasing the number of evaporation boats, changing the placement area of evaporation boats, increasing the film thickness detection function, and so on. Some of these methods have limitations, some have increased costs, and have not been fundamentally resolved. The existence of this situation is extremely incompatible with our company's position and ability in China, and also seriously restricts the new requirements of users for the coating process. After two years of feedback, we strive to be among the top innovative enterprises in China in 2018. The medium frequency induction heating evaporation winding coater produced by our company operates well in practice, overcomes the shortcomings of the traditional heating method, greatly improves the production efficiency and film quality, and ushers in a new era of induction heating coater

this machine has the following features: it is planned to be practical in a few years:

1, among which 6 bromocyclo102 alkyl (hbcdd) is the most commonly used flame retardant coated ribbon materials: pet, OPP, CPP, etc

2. Evaporation materials: aluminum, copper, silver, silicon oxide, etc

3. High product quality, few needle holes, uniform coating and thick coating

4. High degree of automation and good reliability

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