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The medium and low-end pharmaceutical machine market seeks a breakthrough to the high end

with the transformation of the functions of the drug administration to food and drugs, there is a trend that the food production industry will also enter the GMP transformation. Once it turns into substantive operation, the pharmaceutical machinery industry has stronger advantages than the food machinery industry

in the past decade, relying on the rapid development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry, the pharmaceutical machinery industry has won a relatively loose and favorable market environment and made considerable progress. However, as the pharmaceutical industry shifts to the high-tech direction, the space in the middle and low-end market of the domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry will be greatly compressed. 3. The use of the timing measurement system will shrink forward again

the growth rate of products with high added value will continue to increase production, and the profits will increase significantly. In the future, the competition in the industry will inevitably shift to the high-end market. Therefore, more and more enterprises have begun to realize that while sticking to the low-end field, China's pharmaceutical machinery industry should expand in the development and manufacturing of high-end products, rather than relying more on imported equipment

relevant experts believe that the lack of industry concentration and leading enterprises has always been the biggest drawback of the domestic pharmaceutical machinery industry. If there is no leading enterprise with technology and product advantages to take the lead in achieving breakthroughs in the high-end market and then establish a certain market foundation, it is difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises to make breakthroughs in this field

therefore, while vigorously developing high-end products, vigorously cultivate industry leading enterprises and build industrial clusters. On the basis of continuing to consolidate the advantages of the middle and low-end market, a breakthrough in the high-end market will effectively promote domestic pharmaceutical machinery enterprises to achieve the advantage of rapid delivery in the high-end market for machinery manufacturers in Asia and the Pacific

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