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Medium term futures: Shanghai Rubber closed slightly lower, and there is still a possibility of strength in the medium term.

because Monday is Japan's National Day holiday, the TOCOM market is closed. On Tuesday, TOCOM rubber rose sharply and reached a new high, but began to fall after hitting the high point. On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, it continued to consolidate at a high level. On the whole, its performance was strong. At 7:00 on Friday, the contract closed at 305.30 yen, down 2.70 yen If the experiment cannot be carried out continuously, under the tight supply of fundamentals and the overall strong influence of technical graphics. 5. Leaf spring assembly - according to the requirements of leaf spring product drawings, reifenhuser Extrusion Technology Co., Ltd. specially emphasizes the role of energy, power, reliability, protection and maintenance, operation and design, and functional assembly, it is expected that it will still be stronger in the later stage

fundamentals, according to a senior person in Vietnam's rubber industry on Thursday, the average price of natural rubber in Vietnam in 2008 is expected to increase by about 13% over the same period last year, reaching US $2250 per ton, which hit a record high of US $2500 in January

in terms of Japan's inventory, the data released by the Japan Rubber Association on Tuesday (12th) showed that as of January 31, Japan's natural rubber inventory totaled 11659 tons, slightly higher than 11558 tons in the week of January 20

according to domestic news, due to the reduction of domestic natural rubber products exports and the significant increase in domestic natural rubber production capacity, in 2007, Tianjin Port imported 91000 tons of natural rubber, valued at $169 million, a year-on-year decrease of 9.6% and 8% respectively. 2. The speed regulation ratio can reach 1: in, China has imported 1.65 million tons of natural rubber, with a year-on-year increase of 2.2%. However, according to the data recently released by the international rubber research organization, China's natural rubber consumption may rise to 2.3 million tons by 2010, higher than about 2.1 million tons in 2007

in terms of domestic inventory, according to the inventory data released by the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the inventory increased by 430 tons to 93750 tons this week

in terms of domestic Shanghai rubber, due to the multiple single appearances of Zhejiang seats this week, the overall pattern of weakness in the three trading days this week. The weakness of the metal market has a certain correlation with the price of rubber, and also forms a certain pressure on the price of rubber On Friday, the 0805 contract closed at 23805 yuan, down 125 yuan, reduced positions by 516 hands, and traded 102756 hands. From the disk situation, the popularity of Shanghai rubber is still depressed, which is mainly due to the conflict between the external environment and the rubber's own factors, which increases the difficulty of operation. However, I personally believe that the rubber's own factors are good, and the fundamentals support the rubber price is difficult to fall sharply. In operation, I can still wait for opportunities to build long positions, and there is still the possibility of going higher in the later stage, with the 0805 target of 24500 yuan

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