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China coal energy spent 19.3 billion on engineering plastics

China coal energy (601898, closing price of 6.74 yuan) announced today that the company plans to invest in the construction of a series of deep processing and comprehensive utilization projects of methanol and acetic acid. The final product of the project is 600000 tons/year of engineering plastics, with a total investment of 19.335 billion yuan. The daily economy noted that, based on yesterday's closing price, 19.3 billion yuan is equivalent to one Bright Dairy (600597, Guba) (600597, closing price of 14.85 yuan) and two Sichuan Changhong (600839, Guba) (600839, closing price of tower crane classification jg/t5037 ⑴ 993, price of 2.16 yuan) no longer restart the market value of closed capacity

in the announcement, China Coal Energy said that in order to adjust the product and industrial structure, obtain high-quality coal resources, and build a large-scale coal production and transformation base in Mongolia and Shaanxi, the company plans to develop and build the daheze mine field in Yuheng mining area in Shaanxi, and build a supporting Yulin coal deep processing base. According to the relevant resource allocation policies of Shaanxi provincial government, the investment will be mainly invested by China Coal Yulin, a wholly-owned subsidiary of China coal energy, which will first implement the methanol acetic acid series deep processing and comprehensive utilization project, and the final product is 600000 tons/year of engineering plastics, with a construction period of 4 years. The total investment of the project is 19.335 billion yuan, of which 5.8 billion yuan will be paid by China coal energy, and the remaining 13.535 billion yuan will be solved through bank loans and other financing methods

China coal energy did not disclose what the engineering plastic was in the announcement, and it was speculated that it was highly likely to be polyformaldehyde; If so, this investment can be called a big deal

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