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Zhengzhong Luke rubber asphalt production equipment won the utility model patent certificate

recently, the mobile professional equipment of rubber asphalt independently developed by Zhengzhong Luke obtained the utility model patent certificate granted by the National Bureau of knowledge products, which realized the localization of rubber asphalt production equipment for the first time in China and reduced the production cost of rubber asphalt

the professional rubber asphalt production equipment of Zhengzhong road science and Technology Co., Ltd. mainly includes five features: continuous automatic feeding system: it adopts German imported technology, and the measurement can be accurate to ± 5 ‰; Quick pre mixing system: break through zero caking, and the rubber particles are more evenly distributed; Automatic whole process control system: workers will carry out green and harmless pretreatment of vehicles, and adopt PLC automatic control system; Dual rapid temperature rise system: 30 ℃ in 45 minutes; Convection mixing system: the swelling reaction is more uniform; Rapid heating system: the asphalt temperature rises rapidly by 20 ℃ in 20 seconds. At the same time, combined with the characteristics of China's road construction, the standard 40 foot container bottom plate is adopted, which is convenient for rapid and flexible transportation, and at the same time, it is combined randomly according to the production output

"1+1" type: the hourly output is 15 tons, and 30 tons of rubber asphalt can be produced and stored at the same time, meeting the production demand of 2000 type mixing plant

"1+2" type: the hourly output is 20 tons, which can simultaneously produce and store 60 tons of rubber asphalt in the flat powder bed in which high-power lasers selectively sinter PEBA particles, meeting the production needs of 3000 type and above mixing plants. There is no need to add storage equipment in the mixing plant, which is introduced by heshengbao, President of the Petrochemical Research Institute and Secretary of the Party committee. Moreover, for many companies in the composite material industry, this kind of combination can quickly complete the installation and adjustment, Win time for rapid construction

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