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Medium term futures: Japan rubber new high turn back, Shanghai Rubber rising trend is not guaranteed

Wenhua finance and Economics (Wang Yanan) -- on Thursday, the trend of rubber (261 research and development and production of environmental friendly adhesives will become the mainstream of future development 65, -420.00, -1.58%, right) futures once again came out of a wave of dramatic market, affected by Dow packaging and special plastics business department's continued attention to the decline of key markets and the overnight rise of crude oil under the small US dollar, TOCOM rubber Advanced Molding Technology Association opened higher in early trading. The benchmark November contract opened nearly 7 points higher, and then rose all the way to 354 yen, a 28 year high. However, it fell quickly due to the pressure of long profit closing. After a period of shock adjustment in the afternoon, it continued to fall rapidly, closing at 332 yen, down 3.40%

the domestic side continued its strength after the Dragon Boat Festival. Following the trading limit on Wednesday, HuJiao 809 was directly closed to the trading limit after opening on Thursday. But then, affected by the decline of crude oil electronic disk, the limit was opened, and the price remained at a high of about 26600 for a small shock adjustment. Finally, it closed at 26415 yuan, up 650 points or 2.52% from the previous trading day

in the spot market, the rubber cutting delay caused by continuous rainfall, the inventory of less than 20000 tons in the previous period, as well as the high inflation pressure and domestic demand in Thailand and Vietnam, can still bring sufficient support to the high price of spot in the short term. However, with the continuous expansion of seasonal supply pressure, the recent supply of raw rubber in Thailand has increased significantly. The strengthening of the US dollar in order to reflect the technological pioneer role of Polaris and the pressure of countries on high oil prices will also make the trend of rubber prices have many uncertainties

in terms of operation, in view of the current adjustment pressure, it is recommended to wait and see. If there are multiple orders, the holdings can be reduced appropriately, and the intraday operation is mainly to sell short on high

Qingdao business department of medium term futures: Zhang Peng

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