The hottest medium-term futures LLDPE market fell

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Medium term futures: the LLDPE market fell sharply, and the poor spot trading dragged down the trend

today, the LLDPE market fell sharply, the position was reduced, and the trading volume hit a new record. The international crude oil market fell, putting pressure on the domestic market. At the same time, domestic downstream enterprises resisted high prices, market transactions were poor, and traders stepped up shipments. The main bulls in the futures market closed their positions and suppressed the decline of futures prices. However, at present, the fundamentals of LLDPE market have not changed substantially, and petrochemical enterprises continue to raise prices. Today, petrochemical enterprises raise prices by yuan/ton, and the rising trend of futures market is expected to continue. L0809 contract closed at 16015, down 380 points, with trading volume of 131168 hands, position of 16218 hands, and position reduction of 2616 hands

on Tuesday, the international crude oil market continued its correction trend, and the rebound of the dollar bottomed out put pressure on the crude oil market. NYMEX July crude oil futures fell $3.04 to $131.31, while icejuly crude oil futures fell $2.89 to $131.02. The Fed's decision to take measures to combat inflation boosted the rebound of the dollar and suppressed the decline of oil prices. At the same time, it is reported that Saudi Arabia has increased the daily output of crude oil by 500000 barrels in the second quarter, which also has a negative impact on the development of China's plastic granulator industry. The crude oil market corrected for two consecutive days, and the futures price stayed above $130, and the rising momentum was not destroyed

domestic spot market prices fluctuated slightly, and traders' willingness to ship increased. The transaction in North China market was poor, that is to say, experimental figures showed that the quotation fell, and the quotation of Qilu Chemical City 7042 was 15750 yuan/ton; The downstream enterprises in the East China market are less willing to receive goods. The quotation in Nanjing market is 16200 yuan/ton, the quotation in South China market is declining, and the quotation in Guangzhou market is 15700 yuan/ton. The market transaction is light

technically, the l0809 contract fell below the support of the 5-day moving average, and multiple orders came out

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