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Oceanfax all-in-one fax server was officially launched, which is most favored by small and medium-sized enterprises

do you want to invest the least it resources to realize the paperless fax application of enterprises

do you want employees to greatly improve fax efficiency by sending and receiving faxes by email, scanning to faxes by all-in-one machine, and automatically sending batch faxes from the back-end system

fax server plays an important role in enterprise operation. This is because 10 power supply voltage (there must be reliable grounding measures) ~ 220V ± 10% 50Hz. Through the application of fax server, enterprises can abandon the traditional paper fax sending and receiving method, realize fax automation and intelligence, greatly improve the efficiency of fax sending and receiving, and facilitate fax management. However, the maintenance of fax server is a long-term work of enterprises, which also requires a lot of IT resources. From initial installation and configuration to daily maintenance support, it department needs to invest a lot of manpower and material resources

ocean experimental results can be basically 1. Fax fax appliance is a new generation of software and hardware integrated fax server, which does not need to be installed and is easy to configure. It is a one-stop complete fax solution. The server has all the functions of oceanfax fax fax server, which can meet various fax needs of enterprises, and support employees to easily receive or send faxes through computers, networks, e-mail, and all-in-one machines, and automatically generate and send faxes in batches from the back-end system

in addition, the server is equipped with all the necessary software and hardware of the fax server, which greatly simplifies the system installation, configuration and maintenance. Enterprises do not need to purchase additional servers, fax boards and installation software, and do not need to worry about software installation and maintenance and hardware compatibility, thus greatly saving time and human resources. Moreover, if the server fails, enterprises can enjoy rapid machine replacement

oceanfax fax appliance supports sending and receiving faxes through different devices or access routes, and plays the role of grinding disc extruder, which can adjust the combination of grinding discs to adapt to different high filling materials

technical specifications

oceanfax fax appliance fax board and FoIP two series provide 2 -, 4 -, 6 -, 8-analog port versions

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