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OCP released the whole cabinet management design specification to improve the intelligent operation and maintenance capacity of the data center

recently, openrmc, an open computing project led by Inspur, has made the latest progress. OCP community announced openrmc design specification v1.0, clarifying the whole cabinet management CITIC 2 Term information collection range, data presentation mode and hardware deployment options of the collection module. It provides a reference architecture for the unified management of the whole cabinet, and also lays a foundation for the further realization of intelligent operation and maintenance of the data center

improve delivery efficiency and reduce energy consumption. The whole cabinet meets the challenge of rapid data growth

with the rapid growth of data volume caused by the popularity of 5g and AI applications, and the continuous expansion of the size of the data center, how to improve delivery efficiency, optimize the overall TCO, and reduce the complexity of operation and maintenance has become the main challenge faced by the data center. The whole cabinet is characterized by high density, fast delivery, easy maintenance, and high return on investment, Become an important part of the future data center

the server of the complete cabinet adopts centralized power supply, centralized heat dissipation and centralized management, which increases the deployment density of the data center by 100% and the delivery efficiency by 10 times. Taking the 19th Spring Festival gala as an example, through the whole cabinet delivery mode, Langchao created a deployment record of 10000 servers within 8 hours, ensuring the smooth progress of Baidu Spring Festival Gala red envelope interaction

the Internet industry is an important driver of the whole cabinet, but it is not the only beneficiary. In the financial industry, with the continuous application of big data, intelligent identification, mobile Internet and other technologies in the financial industry, the number of business systems and business data have increased sharply. Financial customers need to continuously expand and upgrade their data centers, improve the deployment density and simple operation and maintenance in the limited room space. Inspur provided a solution with the whole cabinet server SR as the core for a provincial rural credit. Compared with the traditional server, the delivery of express delivery was increased by times and the deployment density was increased by 6 times

as the value of the whole cabinet gradually highlights, its deployment scale is also increasing day by day. By the end of 2019, the cumulative deployment scale of Scorpio's entire cabinet is about 27000 cabinets, and the industrial scale has exceeded 30billion yuan. When industry users are eager to try the whole cabinet scheme, how to realize the unified management, rapid configuration, remote fault location, automation and intelligent operation and maintenance of the whole cabinet of different brands has become an urgent problem to be solved

openrmc provides the next generation of open technology management solutions to realize intelligent operation and maintenance

for this reason, OCP community has established an openrmc project team, led by Inspur, to develop a complete cabinet management architecture based on OCP standards, and recently released version 1.0 of the design specification. Dozens of server nodes, fans, power supplies and other components are integrated in the whole cabinet. These hardware are uniformly managed and centrally monitored by RMC (rack management controller) which is responsible for the monitoring and management of the whole cabinet. The openrmc design specification solves the problem of unified management between different whole cabinets, and meets a series of needs of small and medium-sized data centers to improve automatic operation and maintenance capabilities, improve system availability, and reduce the energy consumption level of data centers

the published specification 1.0 will have an impact on the price of the experimental box. By defining the north and South specifications, the read data format and parameters are unified, so that users can realize the management of all the whole cabinets in one interface. In terms of data presentation in the north direction, openrmc is integrated with the next generation data center management standard redfish, which can present all kinds of data on the server through the browser. Compared with the binary display mode, it is more friendly. At the same time, it can also perform firmware remote refresh, which is convenient for operation and maintenance personnel to control

at present, Inspur has built an intelligent operation and maintenance management system from equipment level to data center level. By integrating openbmc technology for node operation and maintenance, openrmc technology for whole cabinet operation and maintenance management, and ispim solution for overall operation and maintenance of data center, Inspur can help users reduce the difficulty of operation and maintenance of data center and make the operation and maintenance of data center more green and intelligent

Guohongchang, senior technical director of Inspur, said that Inspur has always been an active supporter of open source technology. From Linux foundation to OCP to openstack, Inspur has participated in many open source communities in the field of software and hardware. As a common member of the three major open computing standards organizations in the world, Inspur is facing the transformation of cloud data center in the future, continuously promoting the integration of architecture data center and smart computing strategy, promoting the integration of open computing technology, and building a real open ecosystem

it can calculate and digitally display the impact absorption energy, pendulum lift angle and experimental average value, which have been used in all walks of life source: Inspur

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