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Ocean satellite carries five instruments such as ultraviolet imager to help marine monitoring. Marine disasters are a risk that cannot be ignored. With the increase of China's marine output value, the direct economic losses caused by marine disasters also increase

at 11:15 on September 7, China was at the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center in Shanxi Province, With the total injection weight (all cavities, Long March 2C carrier rocket successfully launched haiyang-1c satellite. This is the third satellite of China's marine color series satellites, and it is also the first satellite of China's civil space infrastructure in the "12th Five Year Plan" marine business satellite.

since the government issued the medium and long term plan for national civil space infrastructure (year) in 2015, The common application support platform of national civil space infrastructure has developed rapidly. On January 26th, 2018, the sample of Chinese Academy of Sciences was inconvenient to take and place remote sensing and digital for SEBS foamed materials, the national civil space infrastructure land observation satellite common application support platform project led by the Earth Research Institute was officially launched in Beijing, officially opening the curtain of the civil space infrastructure platform

the construction of civil space infrastructure is to provide common, basic services and guarantee facilities for satellite remote sensing application business departments and regional applications through launched satellites, so as to realize the common information product inspection, common technology evaluation and basic resource sharing of operational satellites and scientific research satellites, and realize the commercial operation of satellites. At the same time, in order to promote the smooth development of satellite remote sensing business, it is inseparable from monitoring instruments. The development of satellite remote sensing technology will also drive the rapid development of instrument industry

in the past, the release of many satellites in China carried a variety of instruments. Among them, the gaofen-5 satellite carries the atmospheric trace gas differential absorption spectrometer (EMI), the atmospheric main greenhouse gas monitor (GMI) and the Hongrun atmospheric aerosol multi angle polarization detector (DPC); Gaofen-6 satellite carries a free-form surface off-axis four mirror optical system and a long linear array CMOS image sensor; Zhang heng-1 satellite carries a high-precision magnetometer, electric field detector, etc

in this launch, the ocean satellite carried five instruments: ocean water color and temperature scanner, ultraviolet imager, coastal zone imager, on-board calibration spectrometer and ship automatic identification and monitoring system

ocean color water temperature scanner can be used to detect chlorophyll concentration, suspended sediment concentration, soluble organic matter and other ocean color elements, as well as sea surface temperature field. Through continuous acquisition of long-time series of water color and temperature data in China's coastal waters and the world; The ultraviolet imager is mainly used to improve the atmospheric correction accuracy of the ocean color and water temperature scanner near the shore high turbidity water body; The coastal zone imager monitors the offshore, island and coastal zone, and carries out real-time monitoring and early warning of marine environmental disasters; The on-board calibration spectrometer can monitor the data information of ocean water temperature, water color scanner, ultraviolet imager and coastal zone imager, and provide them with on-board synchronous calibration function.; The automatic ship identification and monitoring system is mainly used to obtain the location and attribute information of ocean ships, and provide data services for the maintenance of maritime rights and interests, marine disaster prevention and mitigation, and ocean fishery production activities

for the instrumentation industry, the construction of civil infrastructure is inseparable from the launch of a variety of remote sensing satellites. At the same time, the continuous launch of satellites has further expanded the market for the development of instrumentation. Up to now, the Chinese Academy of Sciences has repeatedly carried out the procurement of instruments and equipment for the civil space infrastructure land observation satellite common application support platform project in 2018, and enterprises such as Beijing Meike Tianrui Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Beijing Ruiguang Technology Co., Ltd. have won the bid

at the same time, with the continuous launch of satellites, the technology of instruments and meters has been improved by a large number of famous manufacturers at home and abroad. With the continuous improvement of requirements, instruments and meters will become more accurate and efficient. Compared with the haiyang-1 A and B satellites, the width of the haiyang-1 C coastal zone imager has been increased by nearly 2 times, the resolution has been increased by 5 times, the on orbit life has also been extended from 3 years to 5 years, and the weight, volume, power consumption and other indicators have been further optimized

the rapid development of a new field will also have an impact on other fields. The continuous development of civil infrastructure construction and the continuous launch of remote sensing monitoring satellites have added new momentum to the development of the instrument industry. In the future, the instrumentation industry will have greater development prospects

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