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Oclaro announced its debut with data center optical module products ofc216

Oclaro, a provider of innovative optical communication solutions, announced today that it will display a series of optical module products for the transformation and upgrading of data centers from 40Gbps to 100gbps and from multimode fiber to single-mode fiber in ofc216. These products have industry-leading performance, including small size, low power consumption, high density, etc., which will help users quickly and economically upgrade to the next generation of networks. Oclaro booth No. 1601

Adam Carter, chief communications officer of Oclaro, said that the high bandwidth demand of data centers and telecom operators requires the development of core optical technology, which has always been the advantage of Oclaro. This exhibition at OFC highlights oclar's more than ten years of experience and industry-leading manufacturing ability if the rotation direction is not correct

oclaro's products on display include:

100gbps LR4 full series of products, including CFP, cfp2, cfp4 and the newly launched qsfp28 Based on the 100gbe/otu4 dual rate capability of Oclaro's own laser, the new cfp4 and qsfp28 have higher front panel installation density. Oclaro will also show 400g cfp8 technology, which supports the distance of 2 kilometers and 10 kilometers that the main buildings of the three major research institutes can be put into use at the end of the year. It is based on 50Gbps pam4 modulation, conforms to ieee802.3bs 400gb ase-fr8/lr8 specifications, and is also based on its own LD and PD chips. Oclaro announced that its 2km cwdm4 qsfp28 and 10km LR4 qsfp28 customer side 100g optical modules have entered mass production

oclaro will conduct the industry's first single carrier 400gps end-to-end demonstration on site, with partners including Ricoh, coherent and Anli. Based on lithium niobate external modulator, show the legend of 400gbps single carrier. The demonstration focuses on 56gbaud rate and 16QAM modulation format

Oclaro will exhibit the interoperability of the industry's first sfp-28litei temp and sfp-28er modules with QS fp28 cwdm4 modules if the transfer switch is in the fast reverse gear at OFC. Sfp28/lr/lr Lite is for enterprise switches, next generation 5g mobile forwarding, data center switches and other applications. These modules all use the lasers produced by Oclaro. Oclaro specially developed 28gbps to cantosa. The sfp28lr/lrlite module of Oclaro has a maximum power consumption of 1.2W and is expected to be released in the second quarter

on OFC, Oclaro will also announce that its unsealed 25gbps1.3 micron DFB laser has successfully passed the internal test 2 and tensile test

in addition to the on-site exhibition, Oclaro will also participate in many seminars, including silicon photonics seminar, market observation and so on

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