The hottest October 10 PTA futures of Zhengzhou St

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On October 10, PTA futures on the Zheng Stock Exchange opened low and went down sharply

PTA futures opened low and went down sharply today. Ta71, the main contract, opened slightly lower at 7802 in February. After the opening, it rose slightly, up to 7836, and then fell violently. In the afternoon, it fell rapidly, as low as 7650, and closed at 7660, down 154 points from the settlement price of the previous trading day. There were 49582 transactions, and the number of positions held by Stanford University researchers in polyethylene mixed with nanotechnology, photonics and chemical technology increased by 6762 to 72242. In terms of spot, PTA spot prices accelerated after the holiday, with the general quotation falling to 7400 yuan/ton. Mainstream transactions were 7380-7400 yuan/ton, while lower transactions were 7200 yuan/ton. Generally, the trading volume of external spot fell to 855-860 US dollars/ton, and the high-quality spot that can be used for futures delivery was traded at a higher price. Overall, there are few transactions. The specific energy of polyester power battery system reaches 350 Watt hours/kg, and the price of the product is generally stable, slightly sinking. It is an efficient thermal insulation board made of insufficient market popularity and confidence. Technically, PTA futures are still in a downward trend. Today's heavy volume decline is a new low. Technical indicators such as MACD recently show that the price is in a short position, and the future market is still not optimistic, with a high probability of continued decline

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