PTA of the hottest Shenyin Wanguo futures continue

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Shenyin Wanguo Futures: PTA continued its rebound momentum, and the market is bullish

last Friday, the main 0809 contract of Zhengzhou PTA futures opened at 9164 points. After a short period of downward market exploration, it made efforts to rise, with a maximum of 9232 and a minimum of 9120 throughout the day. It closed at 9204 at the end of the day, and the settlement price of the day was 9188. The trading volume decreased and the position increased by 16584 hands. In the hedging position information released on the same day, COFCO futures' real articles in ta809 contract will be serialized on the company's website. The number of long hedging published will be reduced by 200, and there is no PTA long hedging in the market. In the ta809 position list released on the same day, the long positions are quite concentrated, and the top Zhejiang Tianma holds 25194 hands, which is far greater than the current number of warehouse receipts, which is worthy of attention. The efficiency of the plastic extruder, which ranks ninth, is mainly reflected in high output, low energy consumption and low manufacturing cost. Short positions are relatively balanced

last Friday, the crude oil futures market remained weak. September crude oil futures in New York fell $2.23 to $123.26 a barrel, mainly due to the recent strong trend of the US dollar and the expectation of OPEC to increase production

on the fundamentals, the crude oil futures in the outer market fell again over the weekend, the price trend of crude oil is not optimistic, there is no major change in the spot market, and the fundamentals are short

PTA harvested a small positive line last Friday, continuing the rebound momentum of the previous trading day. The price is near the off track of brin channel, which is still weak. From the perspective of price volume relationship, the position has increased significantly, and the price has continued to rise, indicating that some bulls have actively bought. In the future, it will rise according to the "1025" development plan for the new material industry

the technical side is chaotic, while the fundamentals are short, and the overnight crude oil futures continue to fall. We need to pay attention to the intention of the main bulls, whose positions are far greater than the number of warehouse receipts. The 809 contract will increase the margin for the first time this weekend, and we can maintain a cautious short-term thinking. It is recommended to wait and see or short-term within the day

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