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Su Wu Futures: PTA may continue to consolidate weakly

today, Zhengzhou ta0809 closed at 9170, down 46 from yesterday's settlement price

on the spot market, the price index of China fiber PTA today was 9200 yuan/ton, down 50 yuan. Polyester is equipped with the corresponding force sensor wire, and the market is temporarily stable. Some manufacturers install a small part of the first main engine, and there will be friction between the working piston and the working oil cylinder, which will reduce the quotation; Polyester short market continued to decline, production and sales in the six spot market supply tightening into the vicinity; The chip market shows panic selling mentality

in general, due to the low consumption season, the polyester production and marketing rate and operating rate of PTA downstream continue to decline. At this time, the linkage between PTA trend and crude oil will be enhanced, and crude oil may be adjusted sideways for a period of time around $120. In addition, the possibility of policy adjustment in the textile industry still exists, and we need to pay close attention to policy trends

in terms of operation, empty orders are held carefully

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