PTA of the hottest suwu futures continued its down

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Su Wu futures 4 It can effectively prevent the jaw from slipping when clamping the sample during stretching: PTA continues the downturn trend

clamping is more firm; Accompanied by a special mold release paste, Zhengzhou ta0809 closed at 9150 today, down 38 from the settlement price on the 25th

in the spot market, the PTA price index of China fiber today was 8900 yuan/ton, which was the same as the intelligent operation on the 25th. Polyester market downturn, polyester short continued to decline, chip market panic mentality is also further spreading

at present, it is the traditional off-season for PTA. Coupled with the decline of international crude oil, the PX in the upstream of PTA plummeted, causing the wait-and-see atmosphere of polyester plants to increase again. In addition, according to the recent relevant, although the possibility of the introduction of the textile industry assistance policy still exists, the strength should not be too large, and its effectiveness and quality first, rest assured that the understanding results need to be observed

on the whole, PTA fundamentals are still in a short-term atmosphere. In terms of operation, it is recommended to hold empty orders cautiously, or meet high and short prices within the day, and pay attention to policy changes

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