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Zhongzhou Futures: PTA is ready to rebound, waiting for the opportunity

ta901 closed at the daily limit of 6 It can measure the trading volume of various aluminum profiles, which shows that the main force is actively changing hands at this price. 1. During the mechanical performance inspection of steel bar pneumatic welding, the main force is also prepared for the callback. Today's oil fell sharply, and the futures price should have opened lower in the morning. However, due to the domestic uniqueness of this variety, coupled with the recent large decline, the correlation with oil can be large or small, and the recent profit of new intervention funds is not large, so the author believes that in the long run, the domestic futures price is expected to gradually stabilize after today's sharp low opening, and the futures price is still likely to rebound step by step. Therefore, it is suggested that customers leave on a short order and bargain hunting today, It is not recommended to chase short. Considering bargain hunting, short-term multiple orders will continue to be strongly supported and stable

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