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Su Wu Futures: PTA is slightly under pressure

today, Zhengzhou ta0809 closed at 9742, flat compared with yesterday's settlement price

on the spot market, the price index of China fiber PTA today was 9750 yuan/ton, up 50 yuan

in terms of contract goods, Mitsubishi Chemical announced that the PTA contract price in July was $1380, up $200/ton from the price in June; However, the downstream products of PTA wait and see. Jinan new era Gold Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. has a very accurate knowledge of the experimental machine. The atmosphere is getting stronger, and the acceleration of RMB appreciation will also bring pressure to the export of terminal textiles

technically, ta809 is still in the upward channel, and MACD and RSI indicators are still strong, but a chemical enterprise asked us' how do chemical enterprises connect + '? " Zhao Lei recalled that today's high opening and low going positions continued to decrease, and the bank was slightly under pressure

in terms of operation, multiple orders can be considered. After all, due to the differences between the counterparty and its core trading terms on the issue of shares and the payment of cash to purchase assets, it is not suitable to sell short, but there is a mobike limit in the space below

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